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Questions we should ask ourselves before starting our fat loss journey



Sagar Tewatia – Mumbai Uncensored, 1th April 2022

Whether you are starting your fat loss journey or have decided to make healthier food choices, you must commit to being consistent and not cheating.

Have you ever tried dieting?

If yes, you would agree that the diet is not the hardest part but sticking with it is the hardest. 

Why do we give up on a diet before achieving the goal?

There is a strong reason why people give up on their diet plan before achieving the goal; a diet is a drastic change in our usual food habits.  

Don’t worry! This article will help you follow the diet plan regularly and achieve your desired goal.

First, one should understand that the workout is only half of our fat loss journey; the other equally important part of the journey is our diet. 

Here are a few important questions we should ask ourselves before starting any new diet. These questions will help you to stay committed to your diet.

Why am I losing weight?

It is the simplest and the most important question to ask before starting our fat loss journey. 

We should not start our journey before asking this question, as the journey requires our full focus, and we should be very clear with our aim. 

So, why exactly do we want to lose fat? 

Is it for health reasons, or do we think that we should? Is it because we have unhealthy fat levels in our bodies, or maybe we have seen a motivational video, and that video is inspiring us to do it?

We should always start with these basic questions because if we are trying to lose fat because we should, it might not be the strongest motivation to sustain it for a long period. 

Do I have sufficient time to work out and sleep?

If you have a super busy schedule, dieting may not be ideal. Alone, dieting will not bring the desired changes. As a result, you might get demotivated and drop the entire plan. 

Diet has its part to play, but workouts and sleep are two other factors contributing equally to losing fat and muscle building.

So, we should always follow an ideal routine to meet the desired goals.

Will I be able to follow the end-to-end diet throughout my day?

Well, it’s a practical problem; if you are a student or an entrepreneur living outside your hometown, you might not be able to follow and eat all the required meals throughout the day. 

The more you hang out, the more difficult it will be to stick to your diet plan, and it will not always be suitable for you to eat as per the diet plan. 

Furthermore, if you have a strong reason for starting your fat loss journey, nothing can stop you from following your strict diet plan.

Is the diet plan fit in our pocket?

Another important question we should ask before starting our journey, most of us fail to consider this question, but we should ask, “is the diet plan affordable to me?”. 

Well, if the diet is not fitting in our pocket, we should figure out some cheapest nutrition resources, but we should always set our budget to stay constant and get the desired results.


So, now that we know how to start our fat loss journey, we should prepare ourselves mentally for it; neither we gain fat within one or two days, nor do we lose it in a short period; it is going to be a long journey, but research and practical questions will make it the smoothest one.


H.R College students reach out to cancer patients, help them with medicinal, financial and emotional support



22nd November 2022, Mumbai Uncensored:

The Student United Way chapter in HR College collaborated with V Care Foundation, an NGO with the objective to provide free medical, financial and emotional support to cancer warriors and their family members under the guidance of V Care Foundation’s professional patronage. The students got the opportunity to interact and assist the cancer patients in their fight against the disease. The financial help given to them was utilised to fund their daily medicinal and basic hygienic needs.

Student United Way of H.R. College (SUW) is a student body extension of United Way (Mumbai); an International NGO that focuses on social welfare, especially in the fields of education, health, and environment. Students from the college volunteer for the various events the NGO conducts around the city. SUW conducts several general body meetings throughout the year to prepare for the calendar of events and chalks out a concrete plan to implement the projects in the pipeline.

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Marburg Virus kills two people, the first cases confirmed in Ghana.



Khushi Thapa, Mumbai Uncensored, 21st July 2022:

Ghana officially confirmed two cases of the Marburg virus, a highly contagious disease comparable to Ebola, on Sunday, after two patients who subsequently died tested positive for the virus earlier this month.

On July 10, tests carried out in Ghana revealed positive results; however, the World Health Organization stated that the cases had to be confirmed by a laboratory in Senegal.

Ghana Health Service (GHS) released a statement saying that additional testing at the Institute Pasteur in Dakar, Senegal, “has validated the results.”

Despite the fact that none of the contacts has yet shown any symptoms, GHS is taking steps to lessen the chance of the virus spreading, including isolating all of them.

The Marburg virus has just recently spread to West Africa twice. Guinea reported the region’s first incidence of the virus last year, but no other cases have been found.\

“(Ghanaian) health authorities have responded swiftly, getting a head start preparing for a possible outbreak. This is good because, without immediate and decisive action, Marburg can easily get out of hand,” said Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa.

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Wimbledon 2022 Women Singles Final Highlights: Elena Rybakina defeats Ons Jabeur 3-6, 6-2, 6-2, clinches Maiden Wimbledon Title



Shobit Chandola, Mumbai Uncensored, 16th July 202:

On 9th July, 2022 the Wimbledon got its winner in the Women’s Singles with none other than Russian born Kazak, Elena Rybakina who defeated the Tunisia’s Ons Jabeur with 3-6, 6-2, 6-2. Wimbledon this year, for the first time in a while, witnessed 2 finalists seeking their maiden title. What could be termed as unpredictability is that the fan’s favourite contenders were all eliminated before. While the Record 7 Wimbledon title winner Serena Williams was shocked by H. Tan in  the 1st Round, it was Paula Badosa underperforming in the Round of 16 and  the astonishing defeat of the Former Wimbledon Champion Simona Halep in the Semifinal.That too came from the end of Elena Rybakina who vanquished Simona in straight sets 6-3, 6-3.

As could be seen in the epic thriller, the first set was won by Ons Jabeur whose drop shots and forehand made Rybakina go for many unforced errors. But post conceding the 1st set, Rybakina changed the gear for all the trailing in 1st set and ensured enough aces and volley to make it 6-2 in the 2nd set for 1-1 tie. For the 3rd set, Elena led with 2-0 but got holded by Jabeur to make it 3-2 but outshined Jabeur with a 5-2, finally breaking the latter’s serve in the decider.

Not to forget the incredible journey of Ons Jabeur so far. It was the World No 2 Ons Jabeur who became the first Arab and african women to become the Wimbledon finalist but wasn’t at her best to defeat the 17th seed Elena Rybakina who switched her nationality to Kazakhstan in 2018 (owing to the lack of funding and infrastructure for her game) before representing Russia. Just like Elena who wrote the history as the first kazakh to be claimed as winner in the Wimbledon, it could have been the same to Ons too being the first Arab and African women.Though the losing cause made the Ons emotional, it was her grit, determination and the post match interview which reflected her strong character.

In the Post Match Interview, the Introvert Champion Elena had her say on the Wimbledon title. She stated “I was super nervous before the match, during the match and I’m happy it’s finished, to be honest. Really I have never felt something like this. I want to thank the crowd for the support, it was unbelievable these two weeks,” the 23-year-old said. But also I want to congratulate Ons for a great match and everything you have achieved. I think you are an inspiration for everybody. You have an amazing game. We don’t have someone like this on tour and it is a joy to play against you. I ran so much, I don’t think I need to do fitness anymore”. With this title, Elena became the youngest player to lift the Venus Rosewater Dish since 2011.

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