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CCI orders an investigation into Google’s alleged abuse of its dominant position.



Shashwat Mishra, Mumbai Uncensored, 8th January 2022:

Taking cognizance of the complaint filed by the Digital News Publishers Association, Competition Commission of India (CCI) has ordered a probe against Google’s alleged abuse of its dominant position in the digital news space which includes website traffic and other search engine-based news platforms.

CCI in its order remarked, “In a well-functioning democracy, the critical role played by news media cannot be undermined, and it needs to be ensured that digital gatekeeper firms do not abuse their dominant position to harm the competitive process of determining a fair distribution of revenue amongst all stakeholders,”  Digital News Publishers Association, the complainant, a private company that promotes and ensures securing the interest of digital news publishers, contented in its complaint that majority of the traffic on news websites is controlled by online search engines and Google is claimed to be the most dominant search engine.

The complainant further contends that more than 50% of the traffic is routed through Google, and Google with the help of its algorithms is in a good position to decide which website gets discovered when a particular news is searched. Besides this, the complainants further submit that Google is a major player in the digital advertisement space unilaterally decides the amount to be paid to the news publishers for the content created by them as well as the terms on the basis of which this amount is paid. The commission on this point opined in its order, “No doubt, Google, being the gateway, generates substantial traffic for news publishers, but at the same time, the bargaining power imbalance and denial of a fair share in the advertising revenue, as alleged by the Informant, merit detailed investigation,”.

The other point of importance is the legislative framework within which the CCI acts and orders investigation, as we know the Competition Act, 2002 is the legislation that deals with anti-competitive practices, CCI’s powers and its functions are governed by the above act. In the instant case, the commission has launched an investigation against the tech giant for allegedly violating section 4 of the competition act, 2002. Section 4 of the act, defines “abuse of dominant position”. The bare definition of dominant position is the sheer ability of the enterprise which commands a position of strength in the market (high market share) and can operate independently from the prevailing market forces as well as has the ability to affect competitors or consumers or the relevant market in its favor.

Google’s experience in countries such as France and Australia has not been very good as far as the digital news space is concerned. In these countries, the issue was similar to what is raised by the complainants in this case, and in those jurisdictions, Google was asked to enter into good faith negotiations with news publishers for paid licensing of content to address the bargaining power imbalance between Google and media publishers.

It would be interesting to see how the investigation is panned out as the regulator has directed its investigative arm, the director-general (DG), to conduct an investigation into the issue and submit a report within 60 days.  

Crime News

Mumbai Police Arrests Trio In Drug Case Worth Rs 16 Crore



ANUSHKA PATHAK – Mumbai Uncensored, 15 January 2022

The Mumbai Crime Branch seized a drug worth Rs 16.10 crore on Wednesday night (January 12, 2022) from SMD Road, Antop Hill. The police arrested three people in possession of the drug and all the three have been sent to the custody of the Crime Branch for further investigation.

Some sources say, neither of the three accused were aware of the exact value of the drug, and were going to sell it in the market at a negotiable price.

According to the Mumbai Crime Branch, three people were detained in Antop Hill. They were found to be in possession of 16 kg and 100 grams of drug Methaqualone worth Rs 16.10 crore. 

Neelotpal, DCP Detection, Mumbai Crime Branch said, “The accused have been nabbed and further investigation is on to find the source and beneficiaries of the contraband.”

The three people arrested have been identified as Imran Jhalori, Amjad Khan and Asif Arab. They are residents of Antop Hill and live in the same building. They are daily wage earners. 

The Crime Branch found that the contraband was stored in a godown and its owner passed away last year in November. The police declined to give more information about the godown owner as they are investigating how he came into possession of the drug. The godown was used to store mobile phone accessories and chargers, etc. 

A police officer informed, “Jhalori used to work in the godown and was asked by the owner before his death to dispose off something that was kept in a packet. But he was not told that it was the drug”.

After the owner’s death, instead of disposing of the drug, Jhalori tried to find out what was in the packet and decided to sell it. “He may or may not have had an idea about the drug but he wasn’t aware about its actual value. He then contacted some drug dealers and finalized the price for Rs 5 lakh,” the officer added. 

The police also found 48 kg worth of raw materials used for making synthetic drugs. 

An FIR has been registered against the trio under relevant sections of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. All the accused were produced before the Killa Court and remanded in Mumbai Police Crime Branch custody till January 20.

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मास्क घालणे बंधनकारक नाही ? माहितीच्या अधिकाराद्वारे केंद्र सरकारचा राज्य सरकार विरोधात गंभीर खुलासा..!



AKASH SONAWANE – MumbaiUncensored, 15 January 2022

मार्च २०२० चे लॉकडाऊन – १ संपुष्टात येत असताना नागरिकांची घराबाहेर पडण्यास सुरुवात झाली. संसर्गाच्या भीतीने प्रत्येकासाठी मास्क घालणे गरजेचे होतेच परंतु वैयक्तिक पाळतीवर सुद्धा प्रत्येक नागरिक सतर्क होता. कालांतराने सर्व पुर्वव्रत होत असताना नागरिकांना ‘मास्क’ चा विसर पडला आणि सरकार चा हस्तक्षेप सुरु झाला.

केंद्र शासनाने दिलेल्या निर्देशानंतर सुद्धा आपत्ती व्यवस्थापन कायद्याच्या कलम ३८,३९ चे उल्लंघन करुन महाराष्ट्र शासनाने बेकायदेशीररीत्या मास्कची सक्ती करण्याचा नियम आणून सरकारी कर्मचाऱ्यांकडून भादंवि चे कलम १६६, १२० (ब), ३४ आणि आपत्ती व्यवस्थापन कायदा कलम (ब), ५५ अंतर्गत होत असलेले गुन्हे त्वरीत रोखणे तसेच मास्कचा दंड घेण्यासाठी फिरणाऱ्या कर्मचाऱ्यां विरुध्द खंडणी वसुलीसाठी गैरकायदेशीरपणे नागरिकांवर सक्ती आणण्यासाठी भादंवि ३४१, ३४२, २२०, ३८५, १२० (ब), ३४, १०९ अंतर्गत गुन्हे दाखल करणेबाबत माहितीचा अधिकार कायद्याअंतर्गत अर्ज दाखल केले गेले.

केंद्र सरकारच्या स्वास्थ्य मंत्रालयाने दि. १९ मे २०२१ रोजी अमित चौहान यांना दिलेल्या उत्तरामध्ये स्पष्ट केले आहे की मास्क घातल्यामुळे सदृढ लोकांना फायदा होत असल्याबाबत कोणतेही शास्त्रीय पुरावे नाहीत. तसेच ज्या लोकांना कोरोना लक्षणे नाहीत त्यांनी मास्क घालू नये.

त्यानंतर दि. २७ मे २०२१ च्या सौरव बायसॅक याना मिळालेल्या उत्तरामध्ये केंद्र सरकारने स्पष्ट केले की मास्क घालणे हे ऐच्छिक असून बंधनकारक नाही. जागतिक पातळीवर तज्ञांनी शोध करुन एकूण ४७ शोध पत्रामध्ये स्पष्ट केले आहेत कि मास्क लावल्याने कोरोना चा प्रसार थांबतो याचा कोणताही पुरावा नाही परंतु मास्क लावल्यामुळे लोकांना श्वसनाचे आजार होतात व त्यांचे फुफुसे कमजोर होण्याची शक्यता असण्याचे विविध शास्त्रीय पुरावे उपलब्ध आहेत.

केंद्र सरकारने दि. १७ जुलै २०२१ रोजी दिलेल्या पत्रांत हे स्पष्ट केले आहे की उच्च प्रतीचा मास्क (N95/Surgical Mask) च्या छिद्रांची साईझ ही ०.३ – १० μm ते ०.१ – ०.३ μm मायक्रोमीटर एवढी असते आणि कोरोना विषाणू हा त्यापेक्षा कित्येक पटीने लहान असतो. म्हणजेच मास्क लावल्यानंतर सुद्धा त्यामधून कोरोना विषाणू जावू शकतात व संसर्ग पसरवू शकतात.

अशा इतर अनेक मुद्द्यांसह काही लोक आपल्याला आंदोलने आणि निदर्शने करताना सोशल मीडिया वर दिसतात, तसेच झोपलेले सरकार आणि जनतेची गैरकायदेशीरपणे लूट करणारे प्रशासन काही थांबत नाही. अशा टीका ते सरकार वर करतात.

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Crime News

Javed Shah From Kashmir Arrested For Smuggling Idols Worth Rs 40 Crore



Anushka Pathak, Mumbai Uncensored, 14th January 2022 :

Tamil Nadu Police have arrested a Kashmiri businessman named Javed Shah on Tuesday, who was involved in an international idol theft racket.

A statue worth Rs 40 crore has been recovered from his possession. Police have scanned his contacts and are looking out for others associated with this network.

In addition to the CB-CID statue wing of Tamil Nadu Police, the Director General of Police had received a tip that some statues were illegally kept at a shop in Mahabalipuram.

A Special Police Team (SIT) was made on this basis. The team then handed over Javed Shah’s shop to the Indian Handicrafts Emporium. Javed Shah was also arrested from the spot after the information was corrected. 

Police recovered ancient idols and items from his shop in the raid. These include 11 statues and eight more items . The archaeological department said that the statues date back to the 11th century. Further police investigation revealed that Javed did not have a licence to sell the idols.

The recovered idols include a statue of Goddess Parvati, a flute-playing statue of Lord Krishna, a ten-headed statue of Ravana and other ancient objects. These idols are estimated to be around Rs. 40 crores in the international market. Police say Javed Shah could be one of the men of the racket and his strings may be linked to major international criminals.

During interrogation, Javed told the police that he has been smuggling idols for the last 30 years. He said he used to secretly sell precious idols to tourists visiting hotels in the city. He has been remanded to police custody after being arrested. Meanwhile, his brother is reported to be missing. Police are now looking out for which temples these statues belong to.

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