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Jharkhand: Underage girls sexually abused & tortured at Mother Teresa Welfare Trust, accused are absconding.



The head of the foster family is the spouse of the chairman of CWC in the East Singbhum district.

The victim stated that the chairman of the CC Pushpa Rani Tirkey was aware of the sexual abuse although did not take any action and frequently beat the victim. The shocking details appeared in an investigation of the sexual abuse of two underage girls in a state government-approved NGO, Mother Teresa Welfare Trust (MTWT) in Jharkhand.

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, the police reported that in addition to the two victims, other girls also were exposed to sexual abuse for more than four years. They are expanding the scope of their investigation. 

Underage girls are abused and tortured in foster homes. 

The terrible incident came to light when the two victims disappeared and were subsequently found by the police. While tracking the girls’ mobile phones, they were found in a house in Birsanagar the next day; during the interrogation, the girls revealed that they had decided to flee the shelter to avoid continued torture and sexual assault by the caretaker of the shelter. 

Minors studied at a nearby girls’ school but were sent to the institution after the school was closed during the lockdown. Jamshedpur senior superintendent of police Dr M Tamil Vanan informed that two minor girls, aged 16 and 17, have given video-recorded statements in which they reiterated all the charges made in their statements to the special POCSO court.

The girls revealed that they were physically and mentally tortured at the home shelter. They were even forced to give in to the sexual demands of the perpetrators.

The accused Harpal Singh Thapar, director of the NGO, his wife Pushpa Rani Tirkey, who is also the chairperson of East Singhbhum district child welfare committee (CWC), warden Geeta Singh, her son Aditya Singh, and another staff member Tony Singh are absconding.

According to reports, Thapar and other men sexually assaulted minors, and Tirkey frequently beat them. On Tuesday, under the relevant sections of the POCSO Act and the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code, an FIR was filed against the complaint of two girls rescued by the police. 

In addition to physical and sexual abuse, the girls are also forced to do housework. 

Dr. Vanan revealed the horrible details. The report said: “The investigation found that Thapar was allegedly in a physical relationship with the warden’s 19-year-old daughter. He and others often sexually abused and exploited the victims.”

According to SSP’s information, although these girls have complained to the head of CWC Tirki many times in the past four years, she has not taken any action against the perpetrators, and the police are waiting for the women’s medical reports. Two girls were rescued to determine if they were raped. Earlier this week, the trust made headlines after a video of a girl doing menial jobs , including working in a garbage dump, went viral on social media. 

This forced the regional administration to become aware of the problem, which led to the formation of a four-person team to investigate the matter further. 

In addition, the police are also investigating the cause of death of a three-and-a-half-year-old girl who died at home because of a brain tumour 25 days ago.

 In a report to Deputy Commissioner Jamshedpur, SSP Dr. Vanan said: “This girl is the daughter of a rape survivor who did not want to keep her. Thapar and his wife did not inform the police or the district administration of this Death incident, which they are legally bound to.” 

Regarding the Mother Teresa Welfare Trust

It is reported that NGOs approved by the Jharkhand state government have nothing to do with Mother Teresa’s charitable missionaries. The foster family is located in Shamsher Tower in Kharangajhar, which has three floors and 23 girls live in two rooms on the second floor. 

The warden lives with her daughter and son in another room on the same floor. Thapar and Tirkey also live in the same building on the first floor, while 22 boys live on the ground floor. Currently, these girls are rehabilitated and 21 of them are currently under the care of Seraikela-Kharsawan CWC. 

Funds in personal accounts

Thapar and Tirki seem to have transferred government funds and private donations to their personal accounts, which are also under investigation. According to the report, SSP Dr. Vanan said, “The girls told us that they took away a lot of donated money to buy clothes, food and other items by donors. Five accused will be arrested soon as different teams are raiding possible hiding places”. 

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Crime News

Another horrific incident of “Love Jihad”: 20-year-old stabbed to death by a screwdriver



Khushi Thawani, Mumbai Uncensored, 4.1.2023:

The occurrences of Hindu girls being murdered by Muslim men because they turned down their approaches appear to be unabated. The frequent cases of love jihad in 2022 have shocked the nation, murder of Shraddha Walkar, Rubika Paharia, Urvashi Vaishnav, Neelam Devi, Nidhi Gupta, Ankita Kumari and others are example of this.  The police reported on December 27, 2022, that a Muslim guy named Shahbaz Khan allegedly killed a 20-year-old Hindu girl by stabbing her 51 times with a screwdriver after she refused to talk to him. This awful crime occurred in Chhattisgarh’s Korba District.

This terrible occurrence occurred on December 24, 2022, near the pump house colony of South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL), as per city superintendent of police (Korba) Vishwadipak Tripathi. “When the accused showed up at the house, the victim was by herself. He put a pillow over her mouth to block her screams and stabbed her 51 times with a screwdriver”, according to the police.

When he got home, the victim’s brother discovered her lying in a pool of blood. The official reported that the victim later passed away in the hospital.

Neelkusum Patra was recognized as the victim. Additionally, early investigations have shown that the victim and the accused, Shadab Khan, both from Jashpur District, were friends from past three years when the accused was a conductor of a passenger bus. 

Khan eventually relocated to Gujarat’s Ahmedabad for employment, and the two kept in touch by phone, the official said. However, things took an unusual turn when she refused to speak to him and the accused started threatening her parents.

While the accused Shadab felt abandoned and assumed his prey’s relationship with another man, the victim Neelkusum ceased communicating with Shadab due to his inappropriate connections and interaction with other girls. The victim’s family claims that before, Shahbaz threatened Neelkusum with grave repercussions if she ended their connection.

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Muslim man impersonated himself as a Hindu to defraud a minor Hindu girl: arrested in Satna



Khushi Thawani, Mumbai Uncensored, 30.12.22:

Once again, a case of Love Jihad has come to the fore in Satna. A couple was traveling in the train. On the information of VHP and Bajrang Dal, the railway police deboarded the couple from the train in Satna. The little girl was underage, hence was taken into police custody. Whereas, the family members of the girl were informed and called to Satna.

Satna City Kotwali Police and GRP had dropped the man and a minor girl traveling by Patna-Secunderabad Express at Satna station on Sunday night. Both are residents of Muzaffarpur. The young man is a Muslim, and he identified himself as Sahil Khan. However, he had extended their intimacy by introducing himself to her as ‘Bhavani Singh’.
According to Bajrang Dal post holder, Raj Bahadur Mishra, information regarding a young man riding in the train with a little girl was obtained. During the trip, there was a fight between the two. The passengers began to have suspicions that the young man and the young girl may not be of the same religion.

Over the phone, one of the passengers told a friend in Satna about this and through him the Bajrang Dal Karyakartas learned of the news. The GRP and City Kotwali police were notified by the Bajrangis. Many Bajrangi and VHP karyakartas also arrived at the station. The police, who climbed from both ends of the train as it approached Satna station’s platform number 1, immediately apprehended the young man and the young girl. They were both taken to the GRP post and questioned there. The young man is Muslim, and his real name is Sa .

According to the GRP, an investigation is being conducted.

“This is a case of ‘false identity’ for Love Jihad, and it has been observed that thousands of Hindu Girls are trapped by such men every year. The trapped girls are either converted to Islam after marriage, or they are either raped, or murdered if they refuse to convert” said Siddhant Mohite, Founder of Saffron Think Tank.

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Crime News

Superintendent of CGST accused for bribery: detained by CBI



Khushi Thawani, 20th December, 2022, Mumbai Uncensored:

Superintendent of the Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST), Anti-Evasion Unit, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, B. Someshwar has been detained by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in connection with an alleged case of bribery on Monday.

According to a CBI official statement, a complaint was filed against the alleged, who is accused of asking the complainant for a payment of Rs 20 lakh in exchange for ending the inquiry against him and for not arresting him. 

Following negotiations, the accused agreed to accept Rs. 10 lakh as bribe.

Inspections at the accused’s premises resulted in the discovery of damning documents and information about several movable and immovable assets. The detained employee was presented to the Special CBI Court in Thane, where he was ordered to remain in CBI custody until 20th December,2022

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