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Kannada was Google’s answer to the “ugliest language” question. After that, there is an apology.



Bengaluru: Google, the US-based search engine behemoth, came under fire on Thursday for its search results, which returned Kannada as the answer to a query about India’s “ugliest language.”

Kannada was the response to the question, “What is the ugliest language in India?” according to an image widely circulated on social media. According to a screenshot of the search results, “the answer is Kannada, which is spoken by about 40 million people in south India.”

The retaliation from Kannada language speakers, who speak one of the country’s national languages, was so swift that #Kannada trended across the country on the microblogging site Twitter. On Twitter, other hashtags such as #KannadaQueenOfAllLanguages remained common.

Google later removed the offending response, claiming that search results aren’t always great. The way content is described on the Internet may often produce unexpected results for specific queries. We recognise that this isn’t perfect, but we move quickly to address any issues that arise, and we’re still working to better our algorithms.

Naturally, these do not represent Google’s views, and we apologise for any confusion or hurt feelings,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement to Hindustan Times. But that was in the future. Netizens and politicians from all of Karnataka’s major political parties took to social media for hours to criticise Sundar Pichchai’s business.

The Kannada language has a long and illustrious tradition, dating back over 2,500 years! It has been the pride of Kannadigas for two and a half millennia,” he says. Karnataka’s minister for land, Kannada, and culture, Arvind Limbavali, said in a tweet.

“If Kannada has been dubbed India’s ugliest language, it is merely an attempt by @Google. to make fun of Kannadigas’ prideDemand an apology from @Google to Kannada and Kannadigas as soon as possible. @Google will face legal action for slandering the image of our beautiful language!,” he added.

“Kannada, the language of the great Vijayanagara Empire, has a rich history, a glorious legacy, and a distinct culture. Kannada is one of the world’s oldest languages, with great scholars writing epics even before Geoffrey Chaucer was born in the 14th century. Apologize@GoogleIndia,” PC Mohan, a member of parliament from Bengaluru Central for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), wrote on Twitter.

This blunder is unforgivable. When it comes to words, whoever is in charge should exercise caution. When it comes to Kannada, extra caution should be exercised. Otherwise, it will come as no surprise if Kannadigas’ self-respect, which became a tsunami in just one hour, turns into a Tsunami, said HD Kumaraswamy, former chief minister and Janata Dal (Secular) leader, in a Kannada Twitter message.

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WhatsApp has announced increased group sizes and greater file transfers



The business revealed in a recent blog post that groups will soon be able to contain 512 members and that files up to 2 GB may be exchanged using WhatsApp.

Hemant Singh – Mumbai Uncensored, 11th May 2022

WhatsApp revealed in a blog post that it has added emoji replies to the chat service, as well as file transfers that are more than 20 times greater than the present capacity. It is also developing software to accommodate larger gatherings.
Emoji responses, in which users may respond to a specific post with a series of emojis, were launched by Facebook’s parent corporation in 2015 and have since grown popular across social media platforms. The functionality is finally accessible on WhatsApp in the newest software update, according to the blog post.
This new version also allows you to significantly expand the size of files that may be exchanged in a WhatsApp chat from the existing maximum of 100 MB to 2 GB. End-to-end encryption will safeguard these file transfers. This increased restriction, according to WhatsApp, “will be beneficial for coordination among small enterprises and school groups.”
A new, widely desired function is also addressed in the blog article.
According to WhatsApp, increasing the number of individuals who may be added to a chat is “one of the top requests” they’ve constantly received. In response, the firm revealed plans to add 512 people to a single group chat. The current upper maximum is 256.

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Here’s why Apple was smacked with another EU antitrust complaint.



Hemant Singh – Mumbai Uncensored, 6th May 2022

Apple faces a potential big fine and may be compelled to open its mobile payment system to competitors after EU antitrust investigators charged the iPhone maker with restricting rivals’ access to its technology used for mobile wallets.

This is Apple’s second EU allegation, after a complaint from Spotify last year, when EU authorities accused the corporation of impeding competition in the music streaming industry.

On Monday, the European Commission said that it had handed Apple a charge sheet, also known as a statement of objections, explaining how the corporation had exploited its dominant positioning in markets for e – wallets on iOS devices.

According to the Commission, Apple’s anti-competitive conduct extend back to 2015, when Apple Pay was introduced.

“We have indications that Apple restricted third-party access to key technology necessary to develop rival mobile wallet solutions on Apple’s devices,” EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager said in a statement.

“In our statement of objections, we preliminarily found that Apple may have restricted competition, to the benefit of its own solution Apple Pay,” she said.

Apple said it would continue to work with the Commission, which could fine it up to ten percent of its global turnover, or $36.6 billion, based on its revenue last year, though EU penalties rarely reach that level.

“Apple Pay is only one of many options available to European consumers for making payments, and has ensured equal access to NFC while setting industry-leading standards for privacy and security,” the company said in a statement.

Apple’s Frankfurt-listed shares declined 0.7 percent at 1216 GMT as a result of the announcement.

Apple Pay is used by over 2,500 banks in Europe, as well as over 250 fintechs and challenger banks. On iPhones and iPads, the NFC chip allows for tap-and-go payments.

Vestager rejected the company’s security argument.

“Our investigation to date did not reveal any evidence that would point to such a higher security risk. On the contrary, evidence on our file indicates that Apple’s conduct cannot be justified by security concerns,” she told a news conference.

Before the Commission delivers a ruling, Apple can request a closed-door hearing to defend its case and also submit a written rebuttal, which might take a year or more.

The EU is preparing to introduce new tech legislation dubbed the Digital Markets Act next year, which would push Apple to open up its closed eco-system or risk fines of up to 10% of its worldwide revenue.

The Committee’s intention to deliver its statement of complaints to Apple corroborated a Reuters report from October of last year.

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Swiggy has partnered with Garuda Aerospace to deliver groceries via drone in Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru



Swiggy, an online food delivery service, will use drones to deliver groceries as part of its Instamart function.

Rochelle Fernandes – Mumbai Uncensored, 4th May 2022.

Swiggy has begun testing drones for grocery delivery in Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru. The pilot project will look into the feasibility of using drones in Swiggy’s grocery delivery service, Instamart.

For the trials, the food delivery app has partnered with Garuda Aerospace.

Drones will be used to replenish inventory between seller-run dark stores and a “common customer point” under the new plan.

Swiggy stated in a blog post that orders will be picked up from the “common point” and delivered to the customer.

Garuda Aerospace said in a statement that the development was in response to the Swiggy Proposal (RFP) that was floated a few weeks ago. “According to the food delivery platform, they receive 345 registrations in total and select four.”

Agnishwar Jayaprakash, the founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace, called this collaboration the “dawn of a new era in drone deliveries,” adding that as cities become more crowded, startups like Swiggy have recognised how Advanced Garuda Aerospace

drones can play a role in urban mobility and logistics via air to reduce delivery downtime.

In February, Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated Garuda Aerospace’s drone manufacturing operations in Manesar, Gurugram, and Chennai. Furthermore, this drone manufacturer, which is currently estimated at $250 million, is one of India’s most promising drone businesses, with a goal of manufacturing a lakh drone in India by 2024 and providing drone technology services.

As previously reported, Garuda Aerospace founder and CEO Agnishwar Jayaprakash confirmed the pilot project will begin in the first week of May…

However, it is vague whether Swiggy will pay restitution caused by the drones to public or private property. It is also unclear whether the company has the required public liability insurance policy for drone operators.

Swiggy tested with ANRA last December as part of its Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) trials, and that included over 300 drone-led food and pharmaceutical delivery trials.

BVLOS operations for drone deliveries are not yet permitted by the government. However, the Ministry of Civil Aviation is said to have granted a contractual dispensation to 20 entities, along with Swiggy.

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