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Bishop Franco Acquitted In Nun Rape Case



Anushka Pathak, Mumbai Uncensored, 14th January 2022 :

The Additional District and Sessions court in Kottayam on Friday (January 14), acquitted Bishop Franco Mulakkal in the sensational case pertaining to the rape of a catholic nun.

“Daivathinu Sthuthi (Praise the Lord!)” Mulakkal told reporters, before leaving the court premises. He broke down in court and embraced his lawyers when the verdict was announced.

Franco Mulakkal, 57, was the first Catholic Bishop in India to go on trial for rape on the complaint of a catholic nun. After a trial of more than 100 days, the additional sessions court announced a single line verdict saying it had found him not guilty of the charges.

In June 2018, a nun from the Missionaries of Jesus congregation under the Jalandhar diocese had accused Bishop Franco of repeatedly raping her between 2014 and 2016 while he was the head of the Missionaries of Jesus order. 

Denying the rape allegations, the Bishop claimed that the story was ‘fabricated’ and was in retaliation for taking action against her with regard to a complaint raised by a woman.

The allegations were followed by street protests by several nuns, who demanded action by the church, police and the Kerala government. The Bishop was then arrested in September, the same year. He was in jail for 25 days after the court remanded him.

The chargesheet against the Bishop, which consisted of 2,000 pages in three volumes, was submitted in April 2019. The trial in the case commenced in November 2019 and concluded on January 10., 2022. Of the 83 witnesses listed by the prosecution, 39 were examined during the trial.

The Investigating Officer S Harisankar, former Kottayam SP, said to the reporters, “This is an extremely unfortunate verdict, it is shocking for us. We had expected a conviction fully. We will appeal. We had a lot of corroborative evidence. All the witnesses in the case were ordinary people.”

Crime News

MBVV Police Commissioner unveiled ‘Operation Punha Dhairya’



Khushi Thawani, Mumbai Uncensored, 7th February 2023:

The Mira-Bhayander-Vasai-Virar (MBVV) police commissioner Madhukar Pandey has determined that all complaints made by women, even if they seem “minor,” must be taken seriously by the police force in light of the Shraddha Walkar murder case.

Pandey unveiled an initiative called “Operation Punha Dhairya” on Friday to make sure of this. Under this, police would monitor the victims to make sure they are secure and will review all complaints, including FIRs, written applications, and even oral complaints, filed by women over the past three years.
On November 23, 2020, Shraddha Walkar, who was murdered in New Delhi by her live-in partner, lodged a written complaint against Aftab Poonawala at the Tulinj police station. She said in her complaint that Poonawala had attempted to kill her and that she was afraid he would dismember her and discard her parts.

The police stated they were unable to conduct an investigation and had to accept the complainant’s requests because she had withdrawn the plea. The father of Walkar claims that his daughter would be alive today if the police had taken the issue properly.

According to Commissioner Pandey, each complainant in one of these cases over the last three years would be summoned by an official and asked if their complaint has actually been settled or still exists. In several instances of domestic violence, abuse, and stalking, the police detain the suspect and provide counselling to both the victim/complainant and the offender. The cops occasionally presume that the issue has been resolved. However, despite the police’s assistance, the issue still exists, according to Pandey.

He also added, “many women say that even after serving a sentence, their husbands have returned and abused them more.”He added that with Operation Punha Dhairya, the victims who are ignored or who suffer the same crime but are unable to report it will get a voice and they would be able to report the crime.

The police will inquire these women about the situation and take appropriate action if they respond that they are still being harassed or assaulted.
According to Pandey, the MBVV region has seen an uptick in crime against women over the previous few years.

2017 saw 1,194 occurrences of crime against women, according to statistics. There were 1,541 instances in 2019 and 1,775 cases in 2021. In contrast, the number of rape cases increased from 176 in 2017 to 220 in 2019 to 292 in 2021. Even the total crime rate in the MBVV region increased from 1,523 instances in 2019 to 2,993 cases in 2021 when compared to the year before the epidemic.

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Home tutor arrested for assaulting students in Mumbai



Khushi Thawani, Mumbai Uncensored, 7th February, 2023:

The Mumbai police have detained a 25-year-old instructor for allegedly sexually abusing two children, a six-year-old boy and his sister, who is four years old. The accused was their Arabic and Urdu home tutor from a long time, according to police sources. He would abuse them sexually if their parents weren’t around children confessed, an officer claimed.

The accused has been sexually harassing the children since December 4, 2022, according to the police officials. When the six-year-old youngster complained of pain in his private parts on Thursday, the incident was discovered.

When his parents pulled him aside, the six-year-old youngster confided what had happened. After that, they drove him and the 4-year-old girl to a hospital, where the staff there determined that the two kids had been sexually molested,” a police officer stated.

The children are taken under care and being counselled and the authorities are trying to taken them in confidence to get more information from them that might be relevant against the accused.

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Another horrific incident of “Love Jihad”: 20-year-old stabbed to death by a screwdriver



Khushi Thawani, Mumbai Uncensored, 4.1.2023:

The occurrences of Hindu girls being murdered by Muslim men because they turned down their approaches appear to be unabated. The frequent cases of love jihad in 2022 have shocked the nation, murder of Shraddha Walkar, Rubika Paharia, Urvashi Vaishnav, Neelam Devi, Nidhi Gupta, Ankita Kumari and others are example of this.  The police reported on December 27, 2022, that a Muslim guy named Shahbaz Khan allegedly killed a 20-year-old Hindu girl by stabbing her 51 times with a screwdriver after she refused to talk to him. This awful crime occurred in Chhattisgarh’s Korba District.

This terrible occurrence occurred on December 24, 2022, near the pump house colony of South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL), as per city superintendent of police (Korba) Vishwadipak Tripathi. “When the accused showed up at the house, the victim was by herself. He put a pillow over her mouth to block her screams and stabbed her 51 times with a screwdriver”, according to the police.

When he got home, the victim’s brother discovered her lying in a pool of blood. The official reported that the victim later passed away in the hospital.

Neelkusum Patra was recognized as the victim. Additionally, early investigations have shown that the victim and the accused, Shadab Khan, both from Jashpur District, were friends from past three years when the accused was a conductor of a passenger bus. 

Khan eventually relocated to Gujarat’s Ahmedabad for employment, and the two kept in touch by phone, the official said. However, things took an unusual turn when she refused to speak to him and the accused started threatening her parents.

While the accused Shadab felt abandoned and assumed his prey’s relationship with another man, the victim Neelkusum ceased communicating with Shadab due to his inappropriate connections and interaction with other girls. The victim’s family claims that before, Shahbaz threatened Neelkusum with grave repercussions if she ended their connection.

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