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Mumbai based Hindu organization Saffron Think Tank opposes Anti-Hindu Comedian Munawar Faruqui’s show in Mumbai



Standup comedian Munawar Faruqui, who was at the focal point of a significant debate in mid-2021 over his arrest during a show in Indore, has now been cautioned by the netizens over his impending visit in Mumbai after Saffron Think Tank, a Hindu Organization raised their voice and demanded cancellation of his Mumbai Shows.

Saffron Think Tank has made an appeal to stop Munawar Faruqui from performing the Talk Show which will enrage and hurt Hindu’s religious sentiments causing disruption in public peace.

When asked about who they are and what are their demands, Saffron Think Tank said “We are an organization named Saffron Think Tank, which is founded to demand Uniform Civil Code under One Nation One Law. We are writing to inform to you that Mr. Munawar Faruqui, a self-proclaimed comedian from Gujarat and an accused in an ongoing criminal case lodged in for his offensive speech against Hindu deities is visiting Mumbai on 29th and 30th of October for performing his Talk Show titled ‘Dongri to Nowhere’ (a name inspired from most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim’s biography Dongri to Dubai).

Munawar Faruqui’s recent tweet has also raised a lot of eyebrows, where he says “Dear Farmers, Indian Media ka attention chahiye toh Wheat nahi Weed ugaao!” In this he is asking farmers to grow weed (cannabis). Link attached below for reference.

Munawar Faruqui’s ongoing Criminal Case:

Munawar Faruqui had performed on 1st January 2021 in Indore (M.P). His show was immediately interrupted for having made an offensive statement and thereafter he was arrested by Madhya Pradesh Police during his talk show. He has been booked on charges under i) Section 295-A (Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs), Section 298 (Uttering words, etc with deliberate intent to wound the religious feelings of any person), Section 269 (Negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life), Section 188 (Disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) and Section-34 of the Indian Penal Code.  

His bail was rejected by the concerned Magistrate and Sessions Court on the grounds of safeguarding public law and order. On appeal to Madhya Pradesh High court, his bail application was rejected because Uttar Pradesh Police had lodged a similar offense in Prayagraj against Farooqui. 

“Mr. Faruqui is presently released on bail. However, he is not acquitted of the charges. When there is an ongoing case against him for committing a crime of hateful speech against Hindu gods, we do not surmise that an opportunity to commit more crimes by Mr. Faruqui should be allowed” says Siddhant Mohite, Founder of Saffron Think Tank. 

Mr. Siddhant Mohite added, “Every citizen in India has specific fundamental duties and that the states must ensure peace and harmony amongst all religious groups by protecting them from negative forces. We have informed the Chief Minister, Governor, Home Minister of Maharashtra along with Mumbai Police Commissioner and all government authorities in a written complaint that this Talk Show ‘Dongri to Nowhere’ is planned propaganda to mock Hindu gods and goddesses as evident in previous programs of Munawar Faruqui. It is a serious matter of hate speech and hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. Mr. Faruqui whilst not having any knowledge about the Hindu scriptures or Hindu dharma, is influencing a negative and offensive view of the most respected Hindu dharma, without any basis. There is enough proof and evidence of hurting religious sentiments by the lead of the show Munawar Faruqui. We have provided a compendium of all the offensive statements made by Munawar Faruqui in the garb of a ‘comic act’ in the link below”

The transcript of his statements is provided below:

Faruqui says, “The song- ‘Mera piya ghar aaya, ohh Ram ji’, Ram ji doesn’t give a f*ck about your piya. Ram ji is like I’m myself not been to home in the last 14 years.” Faruqui quotes another popular Bollywood song- “Ek do teen…tera” starring Madhuri Dixit from the blockbuster movie-Tezaab to allege that Sita is suspicious of Madhuri having a soft corner for Lord Rama.

When we spoke to a few Hindu Organisations, they said “In light of the seriousness of matter we will cancel the Talk Show ‘Dongri to Nowhere’ and restrict such self-proclaimed comedians from insulting and hurting religious sentiments of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. 

Siddhant Mohite, Founder of Saffron Think Tank said “We hope to see a definitive positive step being taken by the Police Department in ensuring the protection of civil rights of people for the avoidance of any form of disruption of the public peace as a result of the Talk Show. Last month, his Gujarat Shows were cancelled too. It’s time for Mumbaikars to come forward now!”


I am a Hindu, and you are making me intolerant!



Written by Virender Kapoor, Author.

Don’t ever mistake my silence for ignorance, 

My calmness for acceptance and my kindness for weaknesses’

Most Indians, cutting across religions, feel they enjoy religious freedom, value religious tolerance, and ‘regard to respect for all religions as central to what India is as a nation from different religions’ says Pew Center report on religious attitudes in the country.

Reports are reports but do they represent reality? The answer is yes and no. But these reports make you feel good. These are as good as weather reports or horoscope predictions of the coming week.

Yes, because most people want to believe that they are politically right and often respond to surveys with nice to say responses. Most are fence-sitters and non-committal too. 

The most troublesome and albeit dangerous are the ones (more than a handful) who seek fame and name out of creating problems. They operate under the garb of freedom of speech and creativity even if it annoys some innocent people- they don’t care. They are also very ‘Shatir’, ‘Kainyan’ which in English is called wily or vicious. They want to be part of a big controversy but want to stay away from ‘real trouble’. Getting trolled is a part of a good sellable resume! Like Bollywood actors love getting mobbed (they don’t say it). Imagine the mental harassment of an actor if he is not recognized by a crowd in the mall! These guys (sorry Hyenas) love strong cuss words, they enjoy it.  Going to jail for a week is something they love. ‘Fame ke liye kuch bhi karega’ is their underlying approach. Boss, it is their profession to become freedom fighters- freedom of speech bro! Imagine they have millions of followers after every silly thing they do. Bravo.

This much and no more- they know their limits and like hyenas, they go for a soft kill. They would never come near someone who will slit their throat or better chop off their head (the way you chop a bamboo stem with a Khukhari) and tiny genitals, no way bro. They only chase Impalas and Gazelles which are innocent antelopes and do not usually attack once attacked – these innocent fellows run for their life. A hyena will never attack a Tiger or a Leopard- They are shit scared of them. They want name fame but want to live another day- ‘Jaan sabko pyari hai dost’.

But wait, wait -they are Comedians too. They are probably the only animals who laugh- I am not joking- While this behavior has earned the spotted hyena a reputation, it may be even better known for the spine-tingling sounds it produces, among them, cackles and giggles that sound remarkably similar to human laughter. A hyena may also produce a laughter-like sound when it is frustrating. You hate them for this laughter- yuk!  Are you beginning to see a resemblance? Yes, you do. 

As cursorial hunters, hyenas run down their prey to exhaustion, cruising at speeds 60 km per hour for several miles. These hyenas operate in groups. These fame-seeking ‘urban hyenas’ also have their groups- jungle groups on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp is their newly found ‘turf of freedom’. It is undulated turf with no regulations- almost limited. So each one supports others on social media- ‘Chalo- wahan koi khatra nahi hai’. Public appearances in the jungle are easy. TV studios are their best bet. TV anchors are scared of them as they could lose their job, as media anchors do have a code of conduct to follow, also have to behave in front of these hyenas and hyenas know it. Every shitty hyena becomes a ‘Sher’ in a studio. Sometimes Hyenas also appear in TV studios as “Anchor hyenas”. They support these ‘urban hyenas’ too. They all have a mob mentality. But no character. Got it now?

Hyenas are so smart- have you seen a group of growling hyenas retracting almost shitting when the lion roars? If frightened, the hyena tucks its tail between the legs and flat against the belly and usually skulks away.

I started this week with a box of patience… the box is now empty… you stole my patience’- an innocent antelope to a hyena.

If escape is not an option, antelope are capable of fighting back. Oryxes in particular have been known to stand sideways like many unrelated Bovids to appear larger than they are, and may charge at a predator as a last resort. Now his patience has run out.

‘I usually give more chances than they deserve but once I am done, I am done.’

Hyenas are very scared of those who retaliate, they will give out their hyenish laugh even while retreating and still give a pat on their back and their pack with slogans like ‘Nafrat ki jeet hui aur artist ki haar’; Hate won and an artist lost.

Artist- my foot. Hyenas are no artists they are animals and lowly animal species. They are English-speaking stinking and yet animals. Hyenas stink.

‘Now the innocent deer- who is comparable to the Gods – has understood the game and has changed his stance’ 

The Horned God – Cernuous, Shiva, or Pashupati. For a long time, the Gundestrop Cauldron has been hailed as one of the most beautiful examples of Celtic art. It is now considered that the image of the horned god is that of Pashupati, a Shiva found in the early Indus Valley civilization.

SHIVA symbolizes consciousness, the masculine principle. SHAKTI (or Prakriti) means energy, power, and nature.

 SHIVA is pure consciousness – the unchanging, unlimited, and unswayable observer. Purusha has no desires whatsoever; these are inherent only in Prakriti. Purusha is the empty, clear screen onto which Prakriti projects her colorful film. Only when Shiva and Shakti combine can action, movement and creation arise. Until energy is impregnated with consciousness it is ignorant, disordered, aimless, and “blind”. Energy alone can produce nothing; consciousness bestows upon it content, form, and direction. Conversely, consciousness without energy is dormant power, sleeping energy, and on its own is unable to be the cause of anything. Just as Prakriti without Purusha is unable to act, and vice versa, Purusha without Prakriti is also incapable of creating anything.

 You better tuck your tail bro and retreat… remember Shiva and Shakti have now combined.

This story is provided by a guest writer. Mumbai Uncensored will not be responsible in any way for the content of this article.

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30-year-old Sanjal Gavande from Maharashtra part of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin team



Pal Pariawala, Mumbai Uncensored, 20th July 2021:

Sanjal Gavande, born in Kalyan, Maharashtra, is part of a team of engineers that built the space rocket New Shephard. This space rocket will be carrying the American business tycoon, Jeff Bezos, to space on July 20. Sanjal is a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Mumbai. She moved to the US in 2011 to pursue a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Michigan Technological University. 

“I am really happy that my childhood dream is about to come true. I am proud of Team Blue Origin,” she said, while speaking with a media house over a phone call. Ashok Gavande, her father, is a retired employee of MTNL. “She worked with Mercury Marine after finishing her Masters at Wisconsin. Then she went to Toyota racing development at Orange City in California”, he said. 

Ms Gavande had been interested in space since she was a child. She had also applied for a job at NASA, but wasn’t selected due to citizenship issues, according to her mother. 

Nevertheless, Sanjal has made her parents extremely proud , after achieving this milestone.

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Punjab: Protesting Farmers Attack BJP Leaders In Rajpura; Party Workers Allege ‘Punjab Police Involved’



Manasa Maddila, Mumbai Uncensored
On July 11, Bhupesh Aggarwal, Spokesperson, Bharatiya Janata Party, Punjab, and other nearby pioneers were assaulted by supposed farmer protestors in Rajpura, District Patiala, Punjab. BJP workers have asserted that the state police didn’t make a prompt move to scatter the dissenters. 
In an articulation to news office ANI, Aggarwal said, “500 farmers beat me up at the command of DSP Tiwana. He purposely sent me to some unacceptable side. No Police power went with me, my life is under danger. I called up the SSP a few times however without much of any result. DSP paid no notice to us. He did this purposely.”

In a video proclamation distributed on his page, he said, “I’m stuck in a little kitchen. There are many nonconformists outside, prepared to kill me. The Police sent me off course. There is a danger to my life, and nobody from Police is prepared to help me. These dissidents are attempting to kill BJP individuals.
Vikas Sharma, General Secretary, BJYM, was with him around then. While conversing with the media, Vikas said there was a gathering meeting on July 11. The gathering was halted by the Police, and they requested that they leave from a particular path. “There were nonconformists who halted us. Those were not ranchers but rather hooligans masked as ranchers. The genuine ranchers are occupied in their fields.” He further added that they were pounded with mallet. “We saved ourselves by stowing away in somebody’s home, he said.
Superintendent of Police (DSP) JS Tiwana denied the claims. He said, “It’s a bogus charge. 100 Police work force and 2 SHOs were sent. Ranchers fought outside and they (BJP) held their program inside. They were brought out securely and were going in their vehicles. They might’ve been encircled later. Nothing occurred before us.”

BJP General Secretary, Subhash Sharma, said they were held up in BJP Yuva Morcha President’s home at Rajpura. Around 400 individuals with blades, blocks and corrosive jugs had encircled the house. He asserted that Police couldn’t handle the circumstance. 

In a video articulation distributed on BJP Punjab’s true Twitter handle, he said, “The circumstance in Punjab is more regrettable than the hour of uprising. More than 400 individuals with weapons have encircled the place of a BJP karyakarta. They are holding banners of Kisan, yet in actuality, they are Congress thugs. They have blades, blocks and corrosive jugs in their grasp. They are calling to kill us. It has been four hours since Police have been remaining here, yet they are not effectively scatter them. We may get assaulted after this video. Yet, I might want to tell Police and Capt Amarinder that we won’t get terrified by this crowd mindset.”

He further added that Congress couldn’t stifle the voice of BJP. He said, “I might want to demand Capt Amarinder to stop this dramatization. The general population is watching, and they will answer when the opportunity arrives.” ANI had later detailed that nonconformists pelted stones when the Police were helping Aggarwal to leave the premises.

Since the three new homestead laws: The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020, Farmers’ (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020 and the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, 2020 were instituted in September 2020, rancher associations have been fighting requesting to move back the laws. They have been asserting that these laws are not to support the ranchers. Up until this point, a few rounds of talks between the association government and ranchers have neglected to bring any goal. 
The rancher fights had turned vicious on Republic Day that caused the mob like circumstance in Delhi. A few captures have been made in different FIRs enlisted against the agitators. More than 300 Police staff were harmed, and property worth crores were harmed during the uproars.

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