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Bharat builds the highest road in the world.



Aaswin Shanker, Mumbai Uncensored, 23rd August 2021:

Bharat constructed the highest motorable road at 19,300 ft on the Umlingla Pass. This is more than half the altitude of most large commercial airplanes which fly at 30,000 feet. Bharat also beats the previous record set by Bolivia at 18,953 ft. It was constructed by the Border Road Organisation (BRO).

At 19,300 feet, the oxygen is 50% less than usual and temperature falls to -50.Celsius during winters making the road not only the highest but also the hardest to build.

The north base in Tibet is at 16,900 feet, south base camp in Nepal is at 17,598 feet. The summit of Mount Everest is a little over 29,000 feet. This road is built way over the altitude of Siachen Glacier which is at 17,700 feet.

The 52 km long road on Umlingla Pass connected with a black top road will enhance socio-economic conditions and promote tourism in Ladakh. The road will work as a link between important towns of Eastern Ladakh connecting Chisumle and Demchok from Leh.

World News

Chinese plane crash may have been deliberate



Reports say Chinese plane crash killing 123 was intentional.

Khushi Shah – Mumbai Uncensored, 18th May 2022

A Chinese Eastern Airlines aircraft that crashed in the southern Guangxi province of China, carrying 132 passengers, was flying at 29,000at a speed of nearly 700 mph as per data from Flightradar and had no survivors. It was mainland China’s deadliest aviation disaster in 28 years.

The Boeing 737-800 that crashed in March was intentionally put into a nose-dive, according to US media reports.  While there were faults in the design of Boeing’s later 737-Max model that led to two fatal disasters in 2018 and 2019, the 737-800 has long been in everyday service around the world.

The plane did what it was told to do by someone in the cockpit. Data from one of the plane’s “black box” flight recorders, which was recovered from the crash site, suggested that inputs to the controls pushed the plane into a near-vertical dive, the report said.

The plane slammed into the ground with such force that it created a 66-foot deep hole in the ground, according to Chinese officials. The pilots did not respond to repeated calls from air traffic controllers and nearby planes during the rapid descent, authorities have said. Early data showed the airliner plunged from 29,000 feet to 8,000 feet, leveled off and then went into a freefall. One video showed the plane nose-diving into the ground.

While the investigators are looking at the actions of the pilot before the accident, there is also speculation that someone broke into the cockpit and crashed the plane. However, there was no emergency code issued from the flight before the crash. 

According to the media reports, aviation experts had noted that the flight. pattern shown on tracking sites resembled the ‘Germanwings’ crash in 2015, due to lack of reported mayday call or any loss of data signal. That Airbus A320 passenger plane was crashed deliberately by the pilot as it crossed the French Alps, killing 150 people.

The Chinese authorities have not indicated to their US counterparts that there was any mechanical or flight-control problems with the plane, the reports said, adding that no emergency code was sent, suggesting no intruder could have reached the cockpit.

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World News

Elon Musk called Twitter newsfeed algorithms ‘Manipulative’



Elon Musk told his followers to “fix” their Twitter feed to show “Latest tweets.Twitter founder and ex-CEO Jack Dorsey said the setting was simply a way of showing trending news.

Khushi Shah – Mumbai Uncensored, 16th May 2022

Recently, annoyed at the presence of fake users on Twitter after putting the $44 billion takeover deal on hold, the Tesla CEO said that his team was busy finding out the presence of fake accounts with the random sampling process.
He does not believe in Twitter findings which say that false or spam accounts represent fewer than 5 per cent of its monetisable daily active users which are around 229 million. Two hours later, unpredictable as ever, Elon Musk added a tweet, saying “Still committed to acquisition.”
“You are being manipulated by the algorithm in ways you do not realise. Easy to switch back and forth to see the difference,” Musk wrote in a series of tweets.
Sharing a potential way to beat the HYPERLINK “”Twitter algorithm and fix the feed, Musk tweeted, “Very important to fix your Twitter feed:

  1. Tap home button.
  2. Tap stars on upper right of screen.
  3. Select “Latest tweets”.
    “Easy to switch back & forth to see the difference,”
    In the same thread, Musk wrote sarcastically: “(This message is brought to you by the Illuminaughty)”. The illuminati is a designation assumed by or applied to groups of persons who claim to be unusually enlightened.
    Responding to Musk’s tweet, Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, said that the algorithm of the microblogging platform was designed simply to save time when a user is away from the app for a while. He wrote that pull to refresh goes back to “reverse chron” as well.
    Earlier in the week, he said he’d reverse the platform’s ban of President Donald Trump if his purchase goes through. The same day, he also said he supported a new European Union law aimed at protecting social media users from harmful content.
    He has also been advocating through several tweets that one of his priorities would be to remove “spam bots” from the platform.His entire motivation to acquire Twitter was based on his desire to ensure freedom of speech on the platform and to boost monetisation of an internet site that is influential in media and political circles but has struggled to attain profitable growth.

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Singapore Bans “The Kashmir Files”. Reason being Potential to Cause Enmity? Relook at the Deep picture of #KashmiriHindusGenocide



Shobhit Chandola – Mumbai Uncensored, 14th May 2022

The Glory Chapters of the Kashmir Files weren’t done yet. It received immense praise throughout the world but then there comes the secular nation whose film classification guidelines are violated by The Kashmir Files. Yes, the multi-racial Singapore where religious harmony is utmost and this saga shows the one-sided portrayal of Muslims , could disturb the whole atmosphere of the country. But Vidhu Vindo Chopra directorial ‘Shikara’ won’t as it is a story of love with a backdrop of Kashmir Violence. Where there was no scope for political drama, where KPs were indeed saved from a certain segment of Muslims from leaving Kashmir and which justified the hate against pandits to some extent by showing that the circumstances were beyond the control of locals. Thus, leaving us to moderate a secular love story of hope & survival. 

Recently on the Backdrop of #SingaporebansTheKashmirFiles, The Twitter War raged when Mr. Shashi Tharoor’s (MP from Thiruvananthapuram) in his tweet shared the link of SingaporeCensorBoard in association with Ministry of Culture,Community and Youth ( MCCY ) sarcastically saying that the BJP promoted project was banned in Singapore. What looks more hypocritical here is the deceased wife of Shashi Tharoor was a Kashmiri Hindu & often tweeted about the Spiral of Silence for KashmiriHindusgenocide. This was eventually picked by Vivek Agnihotri who further took a dig at Shashi Ji in latter’s vocab style and hailed the Singapore Censor Board as the most Regressive board in the World which even banned ‘The Last Temptations of Christ’ for fictional depiction of Jesus and the Gospels and found it to be blasphemous. Even a romantic film called the #TheLeelahotelfiles could be banned in Singapore, he added. And concluded with an urge to resist from making fun of #KashmiriPanditsExodus.

Ever since the Vivek Agnihotri’s much awaited passionate project- ‘The Kashmir Files’ hit the screen, it created havoc on the box office citing the depiction of the Kashmiri Hindu Genocide in its truest sense which was brutal and barbaric. With over 250 Crore+ lifetime collection, the Kashmir Saga surpassed the expectations with an ‘All Time Blockbuster’ tag. Coming out of the theaters, the audience looked mesmerized with the Agnihotri’s craft, some being emotional or furious with the treatment of the Kashmiri Hindus. It should not come as suprise if it is told that half of the composition was of those who never knew that this Genocide happened before.But  even as a lad I knew this, the sole reason being my beloved teacher of High school who was a Kashmiri Pandit and had her share of saga on ‘Raliv, galiv ya Chaliv’ which I refrain to tell on moral grounds . Thanks to the ignorant policies of UPA and biased attitude towards Kashmiri Hindus who went on to become the Refugees in their own country and are still called the same. If not, then one shall check the Job quotas / Educational quotas where still the seats are reserved for them. Ultimately owing to the fact that they are everywhere in the country except their homeland where they have failed to reinstate.

RALIV GALIV YA CHALIV -The Kashmiri Holocaust Slogan of Islamic Militants which means,

Either Convert to Islam, Flee or Die’

The movie is often stated to be backed by the Central Government which it certainly is but what is more adverse is the backfire by the ‘left lobby’.

 A continuous pattern of trolling, downgrading throughout the time of its release. Multiple malicious attempts happened within wikipedia to change the summary and context of the movie. If not, then have a glance below or just check the wiki page which has termed the film fictional and inaccurate. Abrupt change in IMDB rating of TKF from 9.6 to 8.3 overnight. This isn’t confined. Kashmir Files’ triumph makes Secularism fail, says the Newslaundary. Al-Jazeera found PM Modi’s support for The Kashmir Files in the assembly as Hate Speech. For ‘The Hindu’, the short number of killing of KPs ( Kashmiri Pandits ) as per some reports cannot be termed as a Genocide as it doesn’t fits the criteria of mass lynching and on a collective note more Muslims have lost their lives to Army attrocities. Just swap the two Religions and they would cry for underreporting of the official figure. The Lobby list goes on…… What lies ahead is the Lesson for all of us.

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