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Will Navjot Singh Sidhu apologise to CM Captain Amrinder Singh now after Congress has accepted all his demands?



Manasa Maddila & Aashwin Shanker, Mumbai Uncensored, 22nd July 2021:
Navjot Singh Sidhu has been made the President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) after weeks of tussle between Mr Sidhu, Captain Amrinder Singh and Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi.  

Navjot Singh Sidhu has been elevated as President of Punjab . In a series of tweets, Sidhu offered thanks to Congress pioneers. 

After getting selected as Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) President, the cricketer turned politician, Navjot Singh Sidhu gave the main reaction on Twitter by posting his dad’s image with Jawaharlal Nehru. Sidhu said that his dad was a ‘Congress specialist who left an illustrious family, joined the opportunity battle and was condemned to death’. In a progression of tweets, the recently chosen party Chief of Punjab offered thanks towards his rise. 

Featuring the ‘energetic work’ of his dad, Punjab Congress head Mr. Sidhu said that he will work with ‘each individual from Congress family’.

Sidhu marked his thankful message with the hashtag ‘Jittega Punjab’ (Punjab will win) mission and asserted, ‘will work along every member of Congress family in Punjab’. 

The Congress party in Punjab was in major political trouble ahead of the Assembly Elections next year. The tension between Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and dissident pioneer Navjot Singh Sidhu has not been put to rest as of yet. Captain Amrinder Singh has demanded that Mr. Sidhu should publicly apologise to the Chief Minister over his inflammatory tweets. 

However Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has successfully won Navjot’s support by making him president of the Punjab congress. Few days ago Navjot had posted tweets about AAP’s work in Punjab and Delhi while mentioning that Punjab CM Amrinder Singh should learn from him. This was the other reason why the Congress in Delhi had agreed to Navjot Singh Sidhu’s demands. 

Sonia Gandhi had likewise shaped a board of trustees containing Rajya Sabha LoP Mallikarjun Kharge, ex-Delhi MP JP Agarwal, and AICC general secretary accountable for Punjab Harish Rawat on May 28 to get a resolution to the matter. Since last month, the board has met different partners including MLAs, Ministers and the CM to discover their perspectives in front of the 2022 Assembly political race. While Amarinder Singh has asserted on various events that he will respect any choice taken by Gandhi, he has not openly responded to the declaration up until this point.

Further advancement from sources indicated that the declaration regarding Sidhu’s arrangement was not imparted to Amarinder Singh by the Party’s initiative. The choice comes as a significant misfortune to the Chief Minister and other Congress pioneers who opposed the get-together’s choice to lift the cricketer-went legislator to the state party unit boss. It is persevering to take note of that 4 days ago, (July 18), 10 gathering MLAs in a letter had asked the Congress High Command to “not to let down” the Chief Minister “because of whose tenacious endeavors the gathering stands all around dug in” in the state.


Govt. Plans to Cut Cooking Oil Tax



The Indian market after seeing an unprecedented rise in the prices of edible oils plans to cut taxes on edible oil to keep the prices in check.

Khushi shah – Mumbai Uncensored, 5th May 2022

The war, combined with weather disruptions that limited harvests in other vegetable oil-producing regions, led to a supply shortage of sunflower oil. The ban by the world’s biggest palm oil producer and exporter on 28th April 2022, on the export on the widely used edible oil and all the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine that already upended the global agricultural trade in the world, sent oil prices skyrocketing in the market.

India is particularly sensitive to rising vegetable oil prices as it is dependent on imports for 60% of its needs. Inorder to keep the prices in check ,India, the world’s top importer of vegetable oils is planning to cut taxes on some edible oils to cool the domestic market after the war in Ukraine. 

India has tried to reduce prices in the past, including reducing import duties on palm, soybean oil and sunflower oil, and limiting inventory to prevent stocking the oil.[ In September 2021] The import taxes on palm oil had been slashed to 2.5% from 10 %, while soy oil and sunflower oil had been reduced to 2.5 per cent from 7.5 per cent. 

The reduction in these taxes were aimed at bringing down prices of the edible oils in India and boost consumption, effectively increasing overseas buying by the south Asian country.It would also bring down edible oil prices ahead of key festivals, when edible oil demand rises in the country

However, The moves so far have not been effective enough to cut down the rates of oil in the market 

India, the world’s top importer of vegetable oils, wants to reduce the agricultural infrastructure and development cess on imports of crude palm oil to below 5% . According to reports, it is said that the government is now considering reducing import duties on crude varieties of canola oil, olive oil, rice bran oil and palm kernel oil from 35% to 5% to help boost domestic supplies. The new tax amount is still being deliberated The cess is levied over and above basic tax rates on certain items, and is used to finance agriculture infrastructure projects. The base import duty on crude palm oil has already been scrapped.

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Woman alleges rape by Shivsena MP Rahul Shewale.



KHUSHI SHAH – Mumbai Uncensored, 29th April 2022

Rape is such a thing in our country that has been systematically  used against the vulnerable to silence and to dominate. Rape in  our country has been more easily commercialised than it has  received justice. 

Shiv Sena Member of Parliament, Rahul Shewale, a son to  Ramesh Sambhaji Shewale, an Indian Navy officer was accused  of rape by a 26-year-old girl on Thursday, while the MP went on  to deny it. The woman has filed a written complaint at the  Sakinaka Police Station. 

An officer of Sakinaka Police Station said, “There is a written  complaint in this matter and FIR has not been registered yet.  Police are probing the matter.”Further investigation is underway. 

The parliamentarian issued a statement denying the rape charge  and termed the complaint as a conspiracy aimed at maligning his  

political image. He confidently maintained that he was ready to face any police  investigation and said people behind the conspiracy will be exposed.  

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‘‘Music can take you to the pinnacle of patriotism and duty’’ – PM Modi after receiving Lata Deenanath Mangeshkar award.



KHUSHI SHAH – Mumbai Uncensored, 25th April 2022

The Prime Minister had tweeted on Saturday evening,  “Tomorrow evening, I will be in Mumbai where I will  receive the 1st Lata Deenanath Mangeshkar Award. I am  grateful and humbled by this honour associated with Lata  Didi. She always dreamt of a strong and prosperous India  and contributed to nation-building.’  

24th April 2022 marked the institution of this award in  memory and honour of the legendary singer who passed  away at the age of 92 years in Mumbai earlier this year. It  incidentally also marks the 80th death anniversary of  Master Deenanath Mangeshkar, the singing legend’s  father.  

Lata Mangeshkar along with being an empress of music,  was like an elder sister to Narendra Modi, and a symbol of  oneness that brought together the entire country with her  iconic tunes. Dedicating the Lata Mangeshkar award  bestowed on him to “all the countrymen”, Modi said “As 

Lata Didi belonged to people, this award given to me in  her name also belongs to people”.  

The Master Deenanath Mangeshkar Smruti Pratishthan  Charitable Trust had said in a statement that the award  will be given every year to an individual “who has made  path-breaking, spectacular and exemplary contributions  to our nation, its people and our society.” 

Empowering the arts, this award aims to honour legends  from the field of music, drama, art, medical and social  work. Touching his government’s philosophy “Sabka  Saath, Sabka Vikas , Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayas” and  the concept of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’, Modi said that  such a notion of development could not be achieved by  just material capabilities, ‘’For this spiritual consciousness  is critically important.’’ That’s why we see India providing  leadership in areas like yoga and Ayurveda. Similarly, our  Indian music is also an important part of this heritage  alive with the same values and can be used as medium of  world peace and conformity.  

Lata Mangeshkar as a part of the Indian film world  witnessed the transitions of the industry for decades and  was always passionate about India’s growth. ‘’She always  wanted to see a strong and developed India,” Added  Modi.  

As an international statesman who has not only put India  on the path of global leadership, but kick started progress  in every aspect and dimension our entire country is driven  

and inspired by him. As one of the most influential  leaders of our times instituting the award to him makes  everyone see the power of music by paying tributes to the  legendary singer, who always dreamt of a strong and  prosperous India.

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